What are Doubloons?

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Historically, doubloons were gold coins of special value to Pirates.

In Puzzle Pirates, doubloons are "microcurrency" coins.

What is a microcurrency? A microcurrency is an in-game currency that you can use to purchase certain aspects of the game. Many players like doubloons because they can use them to purchase only those items in the game that they like, rather than having to pay for everything. Other players, playing on other servers, subscribe to the game.

Each doubloon is worth about 25 cents. They are sold in packages that range from around $2.95 on up.

Why do I need doubloons?

While many aspects of Puzzle Pirates are free forever, certain aspects of the game require payment. Examples of this include the captain's badge, which you need to captain a crew, and the labor badge, which you need in order to earn pieces of eight from the crafting puzzles in the game.

What's the difference between Pieces of Eight and Doubloons?

In the game, each Pirate earns Pieces of Eight from their work, from pillaging, and from the other adventures they go on. The more you play, the more Pieces of Eight you earn. Doubloons are a separate currency from Pieces of Eight. In order to purchase certain things in the game, you need both Pieces of Eight and Doubloons.


How can I get doubloons?

There are several ways to get doubloons:

You can pay for them using a credit card, mobile phone, OOO game card, or through one of several other options we provide using our secure billing service.

You can trade for them with other players that would like to get Pieces of Eight (PoE) in exchange for the doubloons they have already purchased.

Get Doubloons!

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